Hire Rates

Aircraft Hire rates are subject to change without notice as required. Fuel and other costs associated with aircraft operation may change and prices will reflect the changes. Aircraft rates are listed on the aircraft’s page.

Security Deposit
A Security Deposit of $250.00 is required prior to hire of the aircraft. The Security Deposit is held in the event that an incident has occurred which may be anything from not refueling the aircraft after dry hire, misuse or abuse of aircraft causing damage (including interior, other than regular wear and tear) to operational mishandling or mishaps.

The Security Deposit may be refunded upon completion of the hire and aircraft is inspected to be in an acceptable condition and/or no damage has been found. The Security Deposit may be held on account if the hirer wishes to continue hiring the aircraft at a later date.

Dry Hire
The term “Dry Hire” means that fuel is not included in the hire rate. It is the hirer’s responsibility to refuel the aircraft to the same level of fuel, at the commencement of hire, which is usually full tanks.

Our dry rates are purely for the aircraft hire and DO NOT include any fees and/or charges such as landing, airways, movement, parking etc.

Wet Hire
Wet Hire includes fuel with the hire. At the commencement of hire, the aircraft will be fueled to full tanks (unless previously requested to have a certain amount due to weight & balance limitations) and the hirer will be provided with fuel cards to refuel the aircraft, if required for the flight.

Generally, Wet Hire DOES NOT include any fees and/or charges such as landing, airways, movement, parking. Fly YSBK includes all charges relating to operating out of Bankstown Airport (YSBK). Additional fees and charges will apply accordingly when the aircraft is operated at other airports as part of the hire, even when originating out of Bankstown Airport, unless specified otherwise in the Aircraft’s Hire Rates

Other Fees & Charges That May Apply
It is the responsibility of the hirer to do their research on all airfields that they intend to fly to, and check all applicable fees prior to hire.

Some examples are (but not limited to):
Parking (excluding Bankstown Airport)
Ground Movements (eg. Camden $15~ per movement)
Terminal Navigation Charges
Services provided by AirServices (including being cleared to land at an active tower controlled airport)
Aerodrome Use (Dubbo airport charges $3.36~ per circuit)