Frequent Flyers

All pilots who fly frequently with us, will be rewarded for their loyalty. This program is perfect for all pilots who either fly recreational or building up command hours for careers.

Start earning your Frequent Flyer Hours (FFH) simply by hiring.

  • Fly 10 hours within 6 months, receive 1 Hour FREE.
    Pilots who fly a cumulative of 10 hours within 6 months, will be rewarded with 1 Hour FREE.
    The hour is based on the rate at which the 10 hours of hire is charged at and on the same aircraft type. Example 10 Hours charged at Wet Hire rate, 1 Frequent Flyer Hour free Wet Hire.
  • Fly or accumulate the Frequent Flyer Hours.
    Pilots can choose to use the hour as they are rewarded or accumulate to use it at another time. A limit of 10 hours may be accumulated. Any hours over the 10 hour limit will not be credited. The FFH are valid for 1 year, dated from the first FFH rewarded.
  • Flexibility
    If a pilot hires the aircraft on a Dry Hire rate, has been rewarded a FFH, they may be able to Wet Hire the aircraft after paying the difference.

Jessica has flown a total 10 hours in the Cherokee, over the course of two months, paying the Dry Hire rate.

What Jessica will receive?
Jessica will receive 1 Frequent Flyer Hour.

How can Jessica use the hour?
Jessica can use the hour to hire the aircraft on a Dry Hire rate and not have to pay the hour’s rate. She would still have to pay for her own fuel as part of the Dry Hire rate. If Jessica decides to hire the aircraft with fuel included (Wet Hire), she can do so by paying the difference between the Dry Hire and Wet Hire rate.

What if Jessica wants to save the hours and use it later?
Jessica can save up to a maximum of 10 free hours, to use it as she wishes, in respective of the hire rate. She has to use the hours within a year, from when the first hour was rewarded. If Jessica is rewarded with her first hour in April, and accumulates 10 hours by July, she would have until next April, to use it all the hours accumulated.